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Melissa K (competingwithchronicpain)

I'm Melissa an iPain Delegate and chronic pain blogger. I'm very passionate about helping others…

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Nichole Klute Rushton

I want to bring adrenal diseases and patient's struggles to the forefront of medical awareness to improve…

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Kristin Selby Gonzalez

My son was diagnosed with Autism in 2004 when he was 2 years old. I was told he would never talk, never…

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Founder of The Chronically Awesome Foundation, blogger, podcaster, advocate. I am an advocate for patients…

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Ssebandeke Ashiraf

Am Ssebandeke Ashiraf an advocate for people living with Sickle cell Disease in Uganda - East Africa.…

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Sugar Surfing

Stephen Ponder, MD CDE and Kevin McMahon have collaborated since 2002. Dr. Ponder was most recently awarded…

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Susan Kiser Scarff

Caring for my husband led me to seek as well as impart support .... ultimately my sister and I put…

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Joyce Marter, CEO of Urban Balance

I have been a licensed psychotherapist since 1998 and believe in de-stigmatizing mental health issues…

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After years and years of searching for answers as to why I was in constant pain and my health was declining…

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Erin, InsideOut Ostomy Life

I was diagnosed with UC in 2006 and lost my large colon in 2007, Twelve surgeries and three years later…

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Katie works as a kindergarten teacher and as the president and co-founder of Life as a Zebra Foundation…

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Kerry (Bowlby) Zahn

Hi my name is Kerry and my passion in life is helping others.. I live in Pennsylvania with my husband…

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Lynda Cheldelin Fell

Lynda Cheldelin Fell founded the award-winning Grief Diaries and Real Life Diaries book series to help…

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Get Up and Get Moving

I am all about family and love spending as much time with them as possible. My 2nd passion is bringing…

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Katherine Sondergeld

In 2015 I was diagnosed with left temporal lobe epilepsy with myoclonus and now (2017) essential tremor.…

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Sabrina Cannella

Hi there! My name is Sabrina Cannella, I'm 22 years old from Toronto, Ontario and up until 10 years ago…

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IBD Social Circle

IBD Social Circle is a community of healthcare professional, patient and caregiver advocates who are…

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Colleen Kavanaugh

Becoming a family caregiver is rarely anyone’s dream job. For a decade I cared for my parents, a role…

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I'm a Registered Nurse turned full time patient. Advocacy has become my passion. Working in healthcare…

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Elizabeth Miller - Happy Healthy Caregiver

I help family caregivers integrate caregiving with their busy lives. I provide practical resources &…

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Carlos Vasconcelos

Acadêmico do curso de medicina, mãe em remissão de mieloma múltiplo e fundador do projeto "Combate ao…

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Deb Kelsey-Davis

Founder of Soul2Soul & NOURISH- I believe there's no greater honor than to care for another human being.…

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Shireen Hand

I'm Shireen, a thirty something mama bear to a very special little ivf miracle and better half to my…

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Skeptical Raptor

After getting a graduate degree in biochemistry and spending years in the medical industry, I decided…

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Fresh Hope for Mental Health Podcast with Host Brad Hoefs

I'm a pastor who has bipolar disorder. I am the host of the Fresh Hope for Mental Health podcast. Due…

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