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LeAnna Headley

In 2014, as a mere fourteen year old, I created an instagram page to follow along some stories of kids…

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Melissa A. Dunford

Dead on the bathroom floor at work was all that went through my head when my best friend, Heather Jouget,…

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Amber Wallace (Ostomy Diaries)

I'm Amber! I have Crohn's Disease and had a complete colectomy in 2016. I now live life with an ostomy…

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I am truly honoured to receive this nomination . Thank you so much . My name is Melanie . I live…

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Ashton Nesmith-Kochera, BCPA, CBD (CBI)

Ashton’s life experiences and gained knowledge have led her to a career in patient advocacy. After an…

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Stacey Turis

Stacey Turis is an advocate of Neurodiversity, the author of the wildly-popular, best-selling memoir,…

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Tami Stackelhouse

Tami Stackelhouse dreams of a day when all fibromyalgia patients have access to the care and support…

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