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Blackbird at Night

Jane is a writer, artist, yogi and advocate for people living with invisible illnesses including mental…

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Keiko Zoll

Keiko Zoll is the Founder of The Infertility Voice™, her popular infertility blog and advocacy website.…

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Barby Ingle

Barby is an advocate for 150 Chronic Pain Diseases | President, International Pain Foundation | Best…

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Ssebandeke Ashiraf

Am Ssebandeke Ashiraf an advocate for people living with Sickle cell Disease in Uganda - East Africa.…

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Katie works as a kindergarten teacher and as the president and co-founder of Life as a Zebra Foundation…

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Get Up and Get Moving

I am all about family and love spending as much time with them as possible. My 2nd passion is bringing…

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John Donor

I'm a strong believer in unity of purpose. I take all of us have to play a role towards achieve the better…

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Mike Veny

My name is Mike Veny and I am the founder of Transforming Stigma™. As a person who struggles with mental…

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Karen Ryan

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’ (ADHD) is a diagnosis that sends a parent into a tailspin when…

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Cathy Chester

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1986. Today my mission is to help others feel empowered &…

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Andrea Hardaway

When my Mom began to have trouble speaking in 1997, I thought it was a temporary condition. When she…

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Dr. Ravi

Joined as Volunteer at Red Cross and obtained Life Membership in 1991 and also joined Lions Clubs International…

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American Transplant Foundation

The American Transplant Foundation is the only nonprofit organization across the country that provides…

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Erin Smith

Erin Smith was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1981 and has been eating gluten-free ever since. She…

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Ashley has advocated for the PCOS Community since 2000 . Her voice has been far reaching including radio,…

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Invest in ME Research

Invest in ME Research is an independent UK charity finding, funding and facilitating a strategy of biomedical…

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Colleen Marlett, An Unexpected Life

I was adopted at birth by a loving family without whom I wouldn't be who I am today.My story of advocacy…

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Joan McParland

I developed sudden onset Myalgic Encephalomyelitis in Oct 1999. I was previously very fit, healthy, I…

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Nurse Bridgid

Friends/family ask me medical/health questions all the time, and seeing as I am always reading Nursing,…

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Center for Endometriosis Care

The CEC is a COEMIG-designated Center of Expertise in endometriosis established over 2 decades ago. Our…

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Tom Kindlon

I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.)* since February 1989, when I was just 16. I wasn't diagnosed…

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Dr. Diana, patient, therapeutic optometrist and researcher created Genetic Disease Investigators LLC…

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My Migraine Life

Sarah Rathsack is the author behind My Migraine Life blog and social media. Sarah has lived with migraine…

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Nikki Everett

Founded ECHO Event Solutions, LLC in 2011 to oversee educational events and trade shows across the east…

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Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

"One of the most valuable things we can do to heal one another is listen to each other’s stories" ~ Rebecca…

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