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Julie Flygare

Julie Flygare, JD, is a leading narcolepsy spokesperson, award-winning author, and blogger diagnosed…

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Jessica fights 5 illnesses daily: bipolar 2, myasthenia gravis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, asthma,…

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MarlaJan- Luck Fupus

I drew the short straw in the family gene pool- but I ain't mad about it. I was born w/ a heart defect…

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Tiffany Kairos

As an epilepsy fighter, I am passionate about epilepsy advocacy, education, awareness and support. I…

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Barby Ingle

Barby is a Reality TV Star #ExtremeTimeCheaters #TLC | Cheerleader of HOPE *\O/* | A Face of RSD & Chronic…

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Julie Cerrone

Just because it's a bad day doesn't mean you have a bad life! Living with a chronic illness can be hard,…

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Aaron Blocker

My name is Aaron, and I have Crohn's, AVN, Osteoporosis, a rare genetic disease called hypophosphatasia…

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Tiffany Westrich-Robertson

I am a patient living with RA, Sjogren's, & Axial Spondy & CEO of IFAA: International Foundation for…

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Hurt Blogger - Britt

Britt Johnson is an ePatient advocate empowering patients to be the drivers of their health while making…

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 Endorse [ + ] Josh Robbins

HIV was a topic I wore a red ribbon -- a cause, until I learned on 1.24.12 that the first person I would…

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Angela Ronson

In 2002, I had an AVM Stroke which is like an aneurysm. I am supposedly vegetative and still in a coma.…

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Shakir Cannon

Shakir Cannon is a Health Information Advocate and Co-Founder of the Minority Coalition for Precision…

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Annette McKinnon @anetto

Over 30 years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Work was my major focus - when you can't…

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Carla Kienast

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in June 2008, had hip-replacement surgery in August 2008, shoulder…

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The #BCSM Community

The Breast Cancer Social Media (BCSM) community began with a simple question – could the power of social…

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Danny van Leeuwen

An action catalyst empowering people traveling together toward best health (patients, caregivers, and…

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Jack Whelan

Jack is an active Research & Legislative Advocate, a strong supporter of the development of Precision…

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Tracy Callahan

In the past three years I have been diagnosed with Melanoma three times and have undergone countless…

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Lilly Stairs

My reason for being was ignited in 2011 when I was diagnosed with two autoimmune conditions - Crohn's…

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My advocacy efforts spur from my own personal experiences as a patient with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Chiari,…

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Janet Freeman-Daily

I was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer in May 2011. It became metastatic five months later..…

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Emily Kramer-Golinkoff

Emily Kramer-Golinkoff Co-Founded Emily’s Entourage, a 501(c)3 that has raised over $670,000 for Cystic…

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Matthew Zachary

Matthew Zachary was a 21-year old college senior and concert pianist en route to film school when he…

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Erin Moore

Erin Moore, B.S., works with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center as a Healthcare Innovation…

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Ken Taylor

I am a caregiver, author, and TV personality raising awareness for chronic pain issues and challenges.…

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