Best in Show: Podcast Nominees

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Lisa Cypers Kamen

Broadcasting consciously crafted brain food from the beaches of Malibu, California. Lisa mindfully curates…

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I write about my life as the parent of a child who has type I diabetes in the hopes that sharing will…

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The Psych Central Show With Host Gabe Howard

My name is Gabe Howard and I'm an award-winning writer & speaker who lives with bipolar and anxiety disorders.…

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Matt Pappas

I am a Blogger, Podcaster, Author, and Advocate for Survivors of Abuse. I started Surviving My Past as…

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Leslie Krongold, Ed.D.

Shortly after my diagnosis with myotonic dystrophy - nearly 20 years ago - I began facilitating support…

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Parijat Deshpande

After experiencing infertility, a very high-risk pregnancy and an extremely preterm birth, Parijat made…

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I ain't dead yet! Lupus lied! I love being a part of a team to bring lupus to the forefront of awareness…

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Rebecca Lombardo

At 19 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I've battled mental illness on many levels most of my life.…

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Shane Schulz

Hello, I am Shane Schulz thanks for visiting here. I have been a mental health advocate since 2012 when…

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Christopher Snider

Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone's story is worth telling. My passion for story sharing is…

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Airial Re'nal

Airial is an Army Veteran, Certified Veteran Development Coach (CVDC) and Founder of The Veteran Woman,…

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Robert first introduced POZ I AM Radio to the world in 2008. He has hosted and produced over 300 live…

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I am the founder of Hand to Hold and mother of two children born preterm–Jackson born at 24 weeks in…

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Cara Gael O'Regan

My own experience as a patient with complex chronic illness led me to seek out connection with other…

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Stacey Simms

My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2006, just before he turned two. Since that day, I’ve been…

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About IBD

I’ve been writing about inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and other health conditions since 2000. I was…

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Ali on the Run Show

I am the creator of the blog Ali on the Run and the host of the Ali on the Run Show podcast. I've had…

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Gynaecological Awareness Information Network

GAIN’s Vision for the future i.e. for every woman to have the opportunity, knowledge, confidence…

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Daniel G Garza

HIV/AIDS Advocate, with a focus on education in prevention, since 2001, after being diagnosed in September…

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Fresh Hope for Mental Health Podcast with Host Brad Hoefs

I'm a pastor who has bipolar disorder. I am the host of the Fresh Hope for Mental Health podcast. Due…

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