Hilarious Health Activist Nominees

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The Frey Life

We are daily vloggers on YouTube showing the ups and downs of everyday life with Cystic Fibrosis! Encouraging…

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MarlaJan- Luck Fupus

I drew the short straw in the family gene pool- but I ain't mad about it. I was born w/ a heart defect…

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Bob DeMarco

Bob DeMarco is the Founder of the Alzheimer's Reading Room (ARR). AlzheimersReadingRoom.com The…

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Jenni Grover

Jenni Grover is Founder/Editrix of ChronicBabe.com, where she draws on her experience with fibromyalgia…

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The Psych Central Show With Host Gabe Howard

My name is Gabe Howard and I'm an award-winning writer & speaker who lives with bipolar and anxiety disorders.…

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My name is Eric, and I have a permanent ileostomy as a result of Crohn's Disease - and I eat plants …

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Lindsey Hays

Anyone with a chronic illness, or loved ones of those with one, know that it somehow finds a way into…

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Harrison A. Wheeler (HAW!) is a comedian/cartoonist on a mission to rebrand mental health. Harrison…

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Bag Lady Mama

I'm the Bag Lady Mama! And I'm not the only one! I'm here to raise awareness, remove stigma and to stick…

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Following a spinal injury 6 years ago, I, a professional speaker, slowly lost the ability to speak &…

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Positivity In Pain

At Positivity In Pain, we believe in positivity and realistic optimism, as well as finding the joy and…

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My Odd Sock

I am a proud member of the MS Class of 1996 (dx'd in September). At My Odd Sock, my goal is to share…

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Kathleen Nicholls (@kathfantastic)

I'm Kathleen, an author and cat/human lover. I'm passionate about David Bowie and dressing like a pensioner.…

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The Happy Tummy

The Happy Tummy is a blog dedicated towards making life with a digestive illness less of a pain in the…

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Melissa Olephant- Live Laugh Lyme

Chronic Lyme disease is often misdiagnosed & is often hard to treat. It can be confusing, painful, scary,…

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Michelle Roger

I hail from The Land Down Under, the land of Vegemite, kangaroos and a large proportion of the world…

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Sue Hitzmann

Sue Hitzmann is the creator of the MELT Method, a simple self-treatment technique that has helped tens…

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recovered from arfid. anxiety, ptsd, adhd, depression warrior.

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I'm a comedy writer living with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, trying to make the not-funny hilarious.…

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Kimberly Spencer

Kimberly Spencer is the power princess pioneer of CrownYourself.com, an award-winning screenwriter, a…

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Nicole Lyons

I write my story so others don't feel so alone. I volunteer with a Canadian non profit with a strong…

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Janice Tindle

I'm no stranger to chronic pain, misdiagnosis, injustice and lack of support. Because I have such a strong…

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Abby Norman


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Bree Hogan

Bree Hogan is a certified holistic health coach and the founder of Starbrite Warrior, an online resource…

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I ain't dead yet! Lupus lied! I love being a part of a team to bring lupus to the forefront of awareness…

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Talya Feeling Ostomistic

I started my blog early 2013 when I was 21, after learning I had early stages of bowel cancer and required…

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Charlotta Norgaard

As a lupus patient, I know what it is like to go through chronic pain and constant worry. I combined…

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Dr Brian

Streptococcus mutans put a hit on me..... I feel the weight of millions of primary molars on my shoulders…

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I am a married mother of 3 who has been battling MS since 12/13/2007. Living with MS has changed my…

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Jolly Nurse

Administering smiles with healthcare humor via my social profiles. Nurse blogger and system dynamics…

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