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@btrfly12 Christina Lizaso

Christina Lizaso, known on Twitter as @btrfly12, is a community engagement professional who utilizes…

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Rachel Pegler

The truth is I never intended to be here, I've rather landed up in this world with a bump. After caring…

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Johna Wright

Hi! I'm Johna and I'm an 18 year old college student, aspiring psychologist, avid writer, and volunteer…

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My name is Michell and I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I have Chronic Adhesive Arachnoiditis and…

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In Memory of Tracey Anne Miller

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Joanne Hillis

I am a dystonia advocate with cervical dystonia. I am a keen to raise as much awareness for dystonia…

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Alan Brewington

I am just me trying to do more good than bad.

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Brandi CK La Perle

Film & television actress, model, published writer, public speaker and voice-over artist, Brandi CK LaPerle…

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Rare Candace

I am a rare disease patient who began advocating for others after researching and using an off-label…

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Emily Wu Truong (吳怡萱)

Emily Wu Truong is a nationally-recognized motivational speaker. As an advocate, she works tirelessly…

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Charlotta Norgaard

As a lupus patient, I know what it is like to go through chronic pain and constant worry. I combined…

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Ken Taylor

I am a caregiver, author, and TV personality raising awareness for chronic pain issues and challenges.…

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Martin Baker

My focus as a writer and advocate is challenging the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness.…

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Vicky Vorhauer

I am the caregiver for my husband, Randy. Randy has had GIST since 1997. I am passionate about helping…

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My son who fought 6 years of stage 4 cancer recently passed away.

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Kelli from Molly's Fund Fighting Lupus

Kelli is the Client Services Coordinator and main blog contributor for Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus and…

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BA Andrews

The Riland Changing the Face of Lupus scholarship is available at both ClaIflin and SC State Universities…

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Invisible Illness Awareness

Invisible Illness Awareness was created in March 2016. The concept was to raise as much awareness as…

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Airial Re'nal

Airial is an Army Veteran, Certified Veteran Development Coach (CVDC) and Founder of The Veteran Woman,…

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Tammy K.

My desire for people is to live heathy and productive lives. I do this by encouraging, empowering and…

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Traci Patterson

As the Founder and Director of Advanced Pathways Hypnosis I am passionate about advocating for the chronic…

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My story begins, not with me, but with my son, Andy. At age 4 he was diagnosed with psoriasis and a year…

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My name is Angela and I was diagnosed at 27 with Stage IV Endometriosis after 14 years of misdiagnoses.…

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Founder of The Chronically Awesome Foundation, blogger, podcaster, advocate. I am an advocate for patients…

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Karen Malkin Lazarovitz

Nine year ago., I was diagnosed as having a BRCA2 mutation. My experience dealing with the consequences…

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