Rookie of the Year Nominees

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Brianna Edin

I am a wife and mother and was recently diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. It has completely shaken…

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Tina Aswani Omprakash

Tina Aswani Omprakash is a Crohn’s patient and health advocate for the chronically ill and disabled.…

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Belize Spivey

Belize is known as the STD Life Coach. She serve men and women living with herpes. She offer education,…

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I "swear" I'm not cussing at you! I have, however, been diagnosed as being homozygous (carrying two…

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My son, Henry, was diagnosed with Epilepsy in 2016 and later diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, specifically.…

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Lisa Johnson

I was diagnosed with Stage 3b Rectal Cancer in April 2010 at the age of 26, with no prior illnesses or…

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Michelle Moore

I am an advocate for Multiple Sclerosis not only because there needs to be more research for a cure or…

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Sharing and Advocating MS Awareness anywhere and everywhere I can. Awareness is about sharing hope and…

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The Comical Colon

Hi friends! I’m Jenna—a girl with ulcerative colitis who wants to reach out to others on their own colitis…

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Hervé Boisson

== Quality of Life and Enhanced Recovery for Cancer Patients == Having a cancer diagnosis can be devastating.…

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Kristina Dulaney

I’m a wife, mother to two beautiful little girls, Registered Nurse and Postpartum Psychosis Survivor.…

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Angel’s Lupus Journey

My name is Angel Williams. I was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 12 and have been living with it for…

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Megan King @thetravelinghaloofhope

Becoming an advocate for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome happened by chance. My journey with EDS began in September…

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Susan Wis, Holistic Health Coach

MY MISSION IS TO EMPOWER MIND-BODY-SPIRIT Empowering a happier, healthier community one beautiful person…

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Kelsey Ohs

Hi there! I'm Kelsey Ohs, mother of 2. I believe that having a child with a disability has been the greatest…

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Jenny Livingston

I’m a mom, blogger, professional patient, caffeine addict, and genuine lover of life. I was born…

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