Patient Leader Hero Nominees

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Cathy Chester

I've been passionately advocating for the MS community for over THIRTY years! I was diagnosed with…

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Making Lemonade Because I Can

I am a 47 year old woman who had to quit her passion (teaching) due to advancing MS at the age of 42.…

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Frank Rivera

Sarcoidosis of Long Island has grown into an advocating organization to fight for the rights of people…

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Kelli Roseta

Kelli Roseta is a lupus advocate, award-winning blogger, & community liaison. She is also a 28 year…

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Debbie @

I am a patient as well as patient leader and advocate for Osteoarthritis - Avascular Necrosis - Osteonecrosis.…

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I am truly honoured to receive this nomination . Thank you so much . My name is Melanie . I live…

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Al Levin

I'm a public school assistant principal at an urban PreK-8 school. I've also lived through two bouts…

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Judy-The United Advocate

About Me-The united Advocate Hi there I am Judy the United Advocate from Australia I am 38 and am…

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Bob McEachern

Bob McEachern was diagnosed in January 2008 with Follicular Lymphoma, a slow-growing but incurable blood…

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Alan Thomas

Alan is a patient engagement advocate for rare diseases in general and Ataxia in particular. He is known…

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Devin Garlit

I've lived with Multiple Sclerosis my entire life. First as a child where I helped care for my grandfather,…

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Cecilia McGough #IAmNotAMonsterSCHIZOPHRENIA

Cecilia McGough is a mental health advocate, activist, writer, media consultant, and radio astronomer…

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