Hilarious Patient Leader Nominees

A Ballsy Sense of Tumor - Justin Birckbichler

At age 25, Justin Birckbichler was diagnosed with Stage II testicular cancer. Now in remission, he committed…

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Rare Candace

Candace Lerman, Esq., is an attorney, consultant, and author of the rare disease blog, RareCandace.…

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Ardra Shephard

Ardra Shephard is the influential Canadian blogger behind the award-winning Tripping On Air – the irreverent…

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Double Baggin’ It

Double Baggin’ It - Danielle Gulden and Joe Teeters are IBD warriors and permanent ileostomates. They…

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Dr Akerkar

I am a rheumatologist & have seen the daily struggles of an Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) warrior. Over…

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Nicole Sigur | Vlogger & Advocate

Hey there! Nicole, otherwise known as @cystic4real or “gross she’s coughing a lot”. Cystic Fibrosis patient…

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Vern Laine

My name is Vern and I'm from British Columbia, Canada. I have been living with Crohn's Disease since…

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Yvonne Desousa

Using a giggle stick to beat up on MS, and now breast cancer, because giggles are good for you!

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Bev 'YumaBev' Ribaudo

I have had Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (PD) for 20+ years and use laughter and humor to treat myself…

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Ilana Jacqueline is a
 best-selling author, marketing consultant and professional patient advocate based…

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Psoriatic Pstandup

I was diagnosed with guttate and plaque psoriasis in high school (I had a SUPER cool plaque that covered…

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Myisha Malone @gameofcrohnsandchronicillness

I became an advocate after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and than diagnosed with crohn’s disease…

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Hell's Bells and Mast Cells

When you become allergic to chocolate, alcohol, and sunshine, you absolutely learn to cope through humor.…

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The Comical Colon

Hi friends! I’m Jenna—a girl with ulcerative colitis and I want to reach out to others on their own colitis…

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Cynthia Covert, The Disabled Diva

I am a chronic pain warrior! I have been sharing the ups and downs of living with fibromyalgia, psoriatic…

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Tamika Quinn Stroke Hero

Tamika is a Navy Veteran who survived 2 strokes at age 27 and now devotes her life to education, prevention…

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