Best Kept Secret Nominees

Tami Stackelhouse

Tami Stackelhouse dreams of a day when all fibromyalgia patients have access to the care and support…

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Marc C. E. Wagner

I became infected with HIV between 1984 and early 1985. I know this as I am a study participant for…

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Lashawn Hutchinson

I’m a survivor called Shawnstestimony! I’m also known to my family and friends as just Shawn. I have…

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Maria Thomas / My Life as a Puddle

It's time to give hyperhidrosis a voice. Nearly 5% of the global population suffers from excessive sweating,…

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Devin Garlit

I've lived with Multiple Sclerosis my entire life. First as a child where I helped care for my grandfather,…

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It Could Be Worse Blog

I try to share as much honesty as I can. For me, It Could Be Worse.

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Sophie Hamilton

Hi I’m Sophie ! I’m 17 years old . I have a passion for performing and also advocating for others who…

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Chronically Jenni

Hey Guys, I'm Jenni and I'm a, soon to be, Drama Graduate, Radio Producer & Voiceover artist and Chronic…

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Christine Von Raesfeld

Christine Von Raesfeld is a leader in bringing a critically needed patient perspective to cutting edge…

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Derek Canas (AKA D-­REK), born a sweet, cute, seemingly healthy baby, had everything going for him until…

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i am a retired Parkinson's doctor who now lives with PD >10 years, had to give up my practice do to illness…

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Kristin "mini2z"

My name is Kristin Tousignant but I go by mini2z online. The mini is a part of my nickname from work…

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