Best in Show: Youtube Nominees

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Effie Koliopoulos

Effie is a writer, blogger, creative and patient advocate and activist for those living with rheumatoid…

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Natalie Y. Beavers

Natalie Y. Beavers is an epilepsy survivor, advocate, and founder of the “Angels Of Epilepsy Foundation…

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Amber Wallace (Ostomy Diaries)

I'm Amber! I have Crohn's Disease and had a complete colectomy in 2016. I now live life with an ostomy…

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Julie Croner

Story story story Story story story Story story story Story story story Story story story Story story…

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Christina Doherty

I consider myself a person first, a patient second, and an advocate third. When I was first diagnosed…

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Chronically Jenni

Hey Guys, I'm Jenni and I'm a, soon to be, Drama Graduate, Radio Producer & Voiceover artist and Chronic…

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Belize Spivey

Belize is known as the STD Life Coach. She serve men and women living with herpes. She offer education,…

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Melissa Parsons MD

I am an Emergency Medicine physician. I am co-founder of SheMD - a virtual community for women in medicine…

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Kelsey Ohs

Hi there! I'm Kelsey Ohs, mother of 2. I believe that having a child with a disability has been the greatest…

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Tim and Celeste

For the past 5 years we have been navigating our way through infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, failed…

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I am a long time sufferer of Lupus. I am advocating awareness through gaming by spreading information…

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Journey to Baby J

Hi there! I’m Jennifer (Jen) and I have been battling infertility alongside my husband AJ for three…

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While enduring my own personal battle with infertility over the course of 4 years, I've shared the good…

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Michaela Davert (FunsizedStyle)

Hi, I'm Michaela Davert! While some my see my work as a patient leader as extraordinary, for me it's…

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Live Hope Lupus

Samantha Wayne started advocating for lupus and other chronic illnesses after she was diagnosed with…

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I am so glad you are here and I am honored to be nominated as an Infertility Patient Leader in three…

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Meg With Love

Hello! My name is Megan and I am a wife and mom of two kids who is learning how to overcome the struggles…

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