Best in Show: Blog Nominees

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The Bipolar Battle - John Poehler

John is the creator and founder of the blog The Bipolar Battle ( John lives…

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Christalle Bodiford

Christalle Bodiford is an artist, advocate, writer, and adventure seeker. As an entrepreneur diagnosed…

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Mila Clarke Buckley

Mila Clarke Buckley started her blog The Hangry Woman after wanting to learn more about her own type…

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Bukky A (KweenPhotos)

Bukky Adeyokunnu is a Nigerian-American portrait photographer. She is curious about the world and uses…

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Reanna Mathis

Reanna is a stay at home mom, wife, chronic illness advocacy warrior, writer and world changer. Through…

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The Invisible Hypothyroidism

From Struggling Thyroid Patient To Thriving Thyroid Patient Advocate, Author, Speaker and Blogger …

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Emily Garnett

I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at age 32, the same week my son turned two and my husband…

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Pamela Jessen

I had to give up working, but I've become a volunteer extraordinaire. I volunteer as a Patient Partner…

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Brianna Edin

I am a wife and mother and was recently diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. It has completely shaken…

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I am an #InvisibleIllnessWarrior; I fight a number of debilitating, chronic conditions, which combined…

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I quickly learned on my journey how many people are struggling due to long periods of not being diagnosed.…

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Janeen Qadri

After being diagnosed with Lupus during my junior year of undergrad(4 years ago), I had an extremely…

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Shirley J. Davis

I began in 2014 writing a blog that included truthful and fact filled information about dissociative…

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Tina Aswani Omprakash

Tina Aswani Omprakash is a Crohn’s patient and health advocate for the chronically ill and disabled.…

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Hell's Bells and Mast Cells - Keeya Steel

When you become allergic to chocolate, alcohol, and sunshine, you absolutely learn to cope through humor.…

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The Comical Colon

Hi friends! I’m Jenna—a girl with ulcerative colitis who wants to reach out to others on their own colitis…

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I am a wife and stay at home mom to two awesome kiddos. Born and raised in New England (equal years…

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Britt Clark

Hi! I am a chronic illness warrior that has been fighting lupus, trigeminal neuralgia, and fibromyalgia…

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