Advocating for Another Nominees

Marla Murasko

I am a Past WEGO Health "Advocating for Another" Award-Winner, Down Syndrome Advocate, Speaker, Talk…

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Tiffany Kairos

As an epilepsy survivor, I am an epilepsy advocate, blogger and founder of the Organization and online…

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Barby Ingle

Cheerleader of HOPE - Barby Ingle, BSc, is an Amazon bestselling author, reality television personality,…

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Bipolar Hot Mess

When I was diagnosed with bipolar in 2006, my world came crashing down. I didn’t know anything about…

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Sharon Rose Nissley, Klippel-Feil Syndrome Freedom

Hi, I'm Sharon Rose I am an interior designer and volunteer rare disease patient advocate, both in…

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Rebecca Lombardo

Hello! I’m 46 years old and have been married for 18 years. When I was 19, I was diagnosed with bipolar…

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Melissa Adams VanHouten

After being diagnosed with gastroparesis in February of 2014, I became a passionate advocate for those…

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My name is Mickey and I’m YouTuber and public speaker. I share my story of illness and how I found joy…

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Jamie Teachey-Pyle

My name is Jamie. I advocate for mental and physical health because a change is needed to make people…

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Heather Von St James

I am a 13+ year survivor of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma. I was diagnosed just 3 1/2 months after the…

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Isabella Amazing Grace

Hi, I am Izzy! I have Down syndrome, but I am NOT defined by my diagnosis.

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Erin Smith

Living with celiac disease since 1981 and eating gluten-free long before it was "trendy", Erin Smith…

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JP Summers

I'm a single mom of 3 that works as a marketing assistant and romance novelist. I enjoy attending events…

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