Hilarious Patient Leader Nominees

MarlaJan- Luck Fupus

I drew the short straw in the family gene pool- but I ain't mad about it. I was born w/ a complex heart…

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Barby Ingle

Barby is an advocate for PTs w 150+ Chronic & Rare Diseases | Pres. International Pain Foundation (vol…

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Jenni Grover

Jenni Grover is Founder of ChronicBabe.com, where she draws on her experience with fibromyalgia and other…

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The Psych Central Show With Host Gabe Howard

My name is Gabe Howard and I'm an award-winning writer & speaker who lives with bipolar and anxiety disorders.…

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I've dealt with severe plaque psoriasis for over 20 years, an autoimmune disease that affects the skin…

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Rick Green is an award-winning producer, director, writer and comedic performer who has made hundreds…

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Dr. Deepak Arora

Creating awareness and dispelling myths surrounding sexual health issues in India is one of my missions…

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Hurt Blogger - Britt

Britt Johnson is an ePatient advocate empowering patients to be the drivers of their health while making…

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Following a spinal injury 6 years ago, I, a professional speaker, slowly lost the ability to speak &…

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Danielle Gulden

My name is Danielle. I have lived with ulcerative colitis for 24 years - and am a permanent ileostomate…

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Chronic Eileen

Eileen Davidson is an ambassador for The Arthritis Society, Patient Advisory Board Member for Arthritis…

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My Odd Sock

I am a proud member of the MS Class of 1996 (dx'd in September). At My Odd Sock, my goal is to share…

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Yvonne Desousa

Giggles are good for you my friends!! Since my MS diagnosis I learned that life with a chronic…

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I run a local Parkinson's disease support group and I blog about Parkinson's.

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Kathleen Nicholls (@kathfantastic)

I'm Kathleen, an author and cat/human lover. I'm passionate about David Bowie and dressing like a pensioner.…

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I am a patient living with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia & Thyroid disease. I am also a cofounder…

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John Baumann

I am not a celebrity or famous. I have, however, provided, I'm told, the most inspirational and "hope…

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Sita Gaia

Hi! I am Sita and I have been an advocate for Epilepsy ever since 2012. I felt very lonely when my seizures…

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Psoriatic Pstandup

I have been living with severe psoriasis on 85% of my body for over 15 years. I had always viewed it…

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I'm a warrior bravely walking into the flames, err I mean, fighting POTS, EDS, hypothyroidism, trigeminal…

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Ardra Shephard

Ardra Shephard is a devastating illness expert, having lived with multiple sclerosis for more than 15…

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Daniel G Garza

HIV/AIDS Advocate, with a focus on education in prevention, since 2001, after being diagnosed in September…

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Effie Koliopoulos

Hi! I’m a writer, blogger, YouTuber and awareness-raising advocate. I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid…

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Terri Coutee

I am a two-time breast cancer survivor who chose to have breast reconstruction after a double mastectomy.…

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Hi I'm Carrie (Aka CrankyPants) because living with two and possibly more autoimmune diseases tends to…

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Wanda M. Argersinger

I am a lupus patient, Exec. Director of The Lupus Support Network, a writer, a speaker, and an educator…

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A Ballsy Sense of Tumor - Justin Birckbichler

Testicular cancer - it's a stiff conversation, and it may make you a bit testy, but we need to sack up.…

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Jennifer "Jay" Palumbo

As a freelance writer, Infertility Subject Matter Expert and Women’s Health and Patient Advocate, my…

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