Best in Show: Facebook Nominees


I'm Marisa, the founder of LupusChick. We are a NY based nonprofit for people living with lupus and other…

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Susan Rahn

I was diagnosed with MBC de Novo in August 2013. Mets were found in my spine and ribs. Thanks to my doctors,…

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Debbie @

I am a patient as well as patient leader and advocate for Osteoarthritis - Avascular Necrosis - Osteonecrosis.…

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IBD Warriors Support and Awareness

I am truly honoured to receive this nomination . Thank you so much . My name is Melanie . I live…

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Devin Garlit

I've lived with Multiple Sclerosis my entire life. First as a child where I helped care for my grandfather,…

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It Could Be Worse Blog

I try to share as much honesty as I can. For me, It Could Be Worse.

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Amanda Aikulola LPN

Amanda is a public speaker, rare disease advocate, personal coach, and consultant for pharmaceutical…

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Stacey Chillemi

I am a popular and recognizable health and lifestyle reporter and expert, columnist and health host.…

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