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My Healthy Cocina

My Healthy Cocina's (Cocina = Kitchen) philosophy is that "Health starts in the kitchen." With that…

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Kate Weldon LeBlanc

Kate Weldon LeBlanc, BSW, MPA has been the Executive Director of RESOLVE New England (RNE) since January…

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Mature student sharing my experiences whilst living a life with mental health illness and searching for…

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Franke James

Helping my sister Teresa, who has Down syndrome, has changed my life forever. In Nov. 2013, Teresa was…

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Dr. Kaayla

Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, is known as The Naughty Nutritionist™ because of her ability to outrageously and…

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Parenting is hard, but parenting with lupus or a chronic illness is a daily physical and emotional struggle.…

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FibroColors is an Advocate for Fibromyalgia Awareness. We are a Fibromyalgia Community with over 72,…

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Al Levin

I have a blog ( where I post on topics of mental health, depression, men & depression,…

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Epilepsy Awareness Squad

The Epilepsy Awareness Squad was created in June of 2013 by Caitie Shaw and Dan Nixon after Caitie spent…

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Renewed Daily

I write Christian devotionals through the lens of chronic illness, disability and pain.

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Therese Borchard

I call myself a hope builder, rather than a writer or author. I’ve tried over 50 medication combinations…

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Pumptastic Scot

I raise awareness of the challenges raised by Type 1 Diabetes based on my own experiences. I also campaign…

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Randy Patrick (Must Stop MS!)

After being dx'd with MS in November 2012, I wanted to do my part in helping others who are diagnosed.…

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Cebu MD

Though trained as a healthcare professional, I am a patient myself undergoing hemodialysis for about…

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Stoma in a teacup

Hi I'm Shell aka Stoma in a teacup. I'm 34 & suffered active UC for 10 years. I had my colon & rectum…

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Runner Ritual is a page devoted to Runners! As Runner girl I help facilitate questions from all runners…

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Sugar Surfing

Stephen Ponder, MD CDE and Kevin McMahon have collaborated since 2002. Dr. Ponder was most recently awarded…

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In September 2015 we founded a campaign to raise awarensss of inflammatory Bowel Disease. The campaign…

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Ace Ratcliff

Ace's advocacy is centered around intersectional feminism, with a specific focus on disability rights.…

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I am a health activist who prides herself on educating and mentoring individuals with compulsive disorders…

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Crystal Saltrelli, CHC

I'm Crystal, a Certified Health Coach helping people worldwide learn to live (well!) with gastroparesis.…

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I began crocheting to pass the time during all my numerous hospital stays I had endured through my journey…

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Tenah Callison

I have had CRPS since Sept 1996! I joined Facebook and started talking with other who had RSD/CRPS. …

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The rare disease I create awareness for, MULTIPLE SYSTEM ATROPHY, is not on the above list. I was diagnosed…

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Hope L. Minor

I am a passionate patient & advocate for Lupus, Stomach Cancer, Chronic Pain, Auto-Immune Illness, Women…

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Graduate-trained philosopher speaking, blogging, advocating, and living with brain cancer (glioblastoma…

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Tristan Haller

I live my life with the intention of motivating other to get moving and to eat healthfully! I live to…

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