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Do I Look Sick?

1 in 2 people have an invisible, chronic illness. Health isn't just skin deep. Rachel blogs about…

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Just Mildly Medicated

My name is Carrie and I am an Army wife, mother of 4 kiddos and a goldendoodle. I have a thin filter…

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Janie A. Bowthorpe

Hello to all my thyroid friends worldwide! Who would've guessed that I'd be where I am today!! For twenty…

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Sharon Coyle-Saeed

My name is Sharon and I am just so honored to be nominated for this award! I am the CEO and founder of…

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Hi, I'm Suzanne! My favorite word is "HOPE"; it is a verb & to have it, you must do something. I've…

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Nourish the Soul

Pull a chair up to the table and… …get comfortable. Nourishing the Soul was created to be a forum for…

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Lynnis of PraiseWorks

At the age of 51 in 2009 I left my successful career as a Human Resource Manager and decided to embark…

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I am committed to getting you healthy, wealth, fit & happy - now that may sound like a big mission, but…

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Dr. Elena Morreale

Dr. Elena M. Morreale, DC, is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Bioenergetic Practitioner. She has been…

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Mary Fran

I write my blog, FrannyCakes, as a creative outlet. It started because I was living alone and always…

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Jared Wilmer

I am the founder and executive director of I Am Not Crazy, an up-and-coming non profit that focuses on…

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Hi! I’m Elyse Wagner, your Kitchen Shrink. I began my journey to health at the age of 13. Since than,…

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My name is Kat and I talk about things that no one really likes to talk about...which is basically pee…

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Esmé Weijun Wang

I am a writer. I'm also a woman living with a treatment-resistant form of schizoaffective disorder. …

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My name is Susan Weiner. I'm a registered dietitian-nutritionist and certified diabetes educator with…

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Unit Support and Administrative Assistant Toronto Rehab- University Health Network Join me as I write…

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I've personally overcome many struggles regarding body image and eating and now find great satisfaction…

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Amanda - To Autism, With Love

I am a 31 year old mother of 1. I suffer from chronic pain and my son was diagnosed with Autism 5 years…

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Kelly Crabb - #purpleproject

im kelly (#purpleproject). i blog & run a facebook community for those living w/IBD, arthritis, autoimmune…

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Positivity In Pain

At Positivity In Pain, we believe in positivity and realistic optimism, as well as finding the joy and…

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Sue Hitzmann

Sue Hitzmann is the creator of the MELT Method, a simple self-treatment technique that has helped tens…

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The Lesion Journals

Hi there! My name is Christie and I am a number crunching photographer who loves riding really, really…

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Tami Caskey Brown

I am a Co-Founder of the International Foundation for Autoimmune & Autoinflammatory Arthritis and a patient…

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Invest in ME Research

Invest in ME Research is an independent UK charity finding, funding and facilitating a strategy of biomedical…

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Prayers and Apples

A resource for mind-body-spirit research, featuring a database of scientific studies and a blog offering…

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