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Tiffany Westrich-Robertson

I am a patient living with RA, Sjogren's, & Axial Spondy & CEO of IFAA: International Foundation for…

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Barby Ingle

Barby is an advocate for PTs w 150+ Chronic & Rare Diseases | Pres. International Pain Foundation (vol…

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Frank Garufi Jr.

My name is Frank Garufi Jr. and my 9 year old son, Domenic, has been battling Inflammatory Bowel Disease…

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Dana Trentini (aka Hypothyroid Mom)

Who knew that little butterfly-shaped thyroid gland at the base of our necks could affect our lives so…

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Plus Size Birth

With 60% of women in their childbearing years being classified as overweight or obese, it’s time we start…

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ChiToBe Wellness

Daily, the global community of "Chi-lifters" save the lives of people who feel overwhelmed to the snapping…

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Anuradha - Fibromyalgia Awareness

There's tremendous lack of awareness about Fibromyalgia. The symptoms include 24x7 pain, hypersensitivities,…

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Teri Robert

Eighteen years ago, when I turned to the Internet for help with chronic Migraine, I had no idea how much…

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My name is Alison and I'm behind Empowering Patients, LLC. "Advocating to clarify the healthcare world…

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Paleo f(x)™

Paleo f(x)™ is an organization dedicated to advancing and promoting the functional paleo approach to…

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Lori Raines

I'm Lori and I have generalized dystonia. It is barely heard of and living with it is as complex as…

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Kids Run Free's vision is that every child will be able to realise their potential through running. With…

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FibroColors is an Advocate for Fibromyalgia Awareness. We are a Fibromyalgia Community with over 72,…

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Dr. Renee

Dr. Renee Matthews has appeared on television shows such as, The Oprah Winfrey Show and TVOne’s NewsOne…

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Gina Walker

During the summer of 2011 I was diagnosed with Placenta Percreta. After surviving a planned Cesarean…

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Women on pregnancy bedrest can feel isolated, afraid, anxious and frustrated. provides…

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Dear Autism Mama

Welcome to Project: Dear Autism Mama… Letters of Compassion, Hope, and Joy, a collaborative project by…

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Julie Ryan

I was diagnosed in 2010 with Fibromyalgia and in 2012 with Endometriosis. I've lived with Migraines all…

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Rhia's Autoimmune Arthritic/Systemic Life

Often called a "dichotomy" because of my life story. Published author of 2 books fulfilled a dream from…

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Roxanne Dawn

In hopes of helping raise awareness & support for others, as well as myself, I launched the first ever…

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Lizzy - The Pillow Fort

The Pillow Fort - making chronic illness suck less! An online shop, digital magazine, community and…

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Hello - I'm Erica from Celiac and the Beast! I named this blog Celiac and the Beast because I’ve always…

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Bern Bingham

Bern Bingham is the founder of Knock Out Endo, a company that strives to get women financial aid for…

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I host a weekly radio show called "Living With Hope" where I interview medical practitioners, patients…

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Real Talk with Dr. Offutt

In an effort to create a health dialogue specifically for teens, I created "Real Talk with Dr. Offutt…

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I have always believed in the power of women, especially those who have been touched by mental illness…

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Lee Good

I am an advocate for Fibromyalgia and autoimmune diseases. Having Fibromyalgia and 3 autoimmune conditions…

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I'm the CEO and Creator of JGF Foundation Inc, WIRN Internet Radio I have a Blogtalkradio / Spreaker…

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