Lifetime Achievement Nominees

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Suffering with Fibromyalgia myself, I am a Fibromyalgia Advocate, Educator and Awareness Coordinator…

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Ashley Levinson's advocacy includes online campaigns #Heart4PCOS and #LemonFaceChallenge which have run…

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Cathy Chester

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when I was 27 years old in 1986. There were no approved medications…

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Frank Rivera

Sarcoidosis of Long Island has grown into an advocating organization to fight for the rights of people…

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Kelli Roseta

Kelli Roseta is a lupus advocate, award-winning blogger, & community liaison. She is also a 27 year…

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Cynthia attended Rutgers University graduating with degrees in Psychology and Education. Upon graduation…

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iSurvivor Lisa Deck

Lisa is a seasoned advocate, motivational speaker and Co-Founder of Sisters@Heart Foundation. a nonprofit…

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Researching Nutrition from an early age was inspired from losing her parents, their health wasn’t great…

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Nikki Reeves

ICCE, ICBD, PMH-C childbirth educator, birth doula, maternal mental health survivor and expert

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Sam Bahr- willrun4insulin

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes almost three years ago when I was 22 years old. I had recently graduated…

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