Best in Show: Facebook Nominees

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Suffering with Fibromyalgia myself, I am a Fibromyalgia Advocate, Educator and Awareness Coordinator…

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I am a chronic pain/illness warrior who currently has multiple diagnosis and is also working on trying…

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I am truly honoured to receive this nomination . Thank you so much . My name is Melanie . I live…

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Michelle Tracy (The Migraine Warrior)

Michelle L. Tracy is a preschool teacher turned Patient Advocate whose mission is to empathize, educate,…

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Dr. Lynn Fuentes

Lynn Fuentes, CEO of Transformation Teaching, has been a lawyer, a mediator, a university professor and…

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Char - Chronically Hopeful

Blogger, Artist and Nature Lover. Housebound with Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (also called Chronic…

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Myisha King

I became an advocate after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and than diagnosed with crohn’s disease…

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The Invisible Hypothyroidism

From Struggling Thyroid Patient To Thriving Thyroid Patient Advocate, Author, Speaker and Blogger …

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I am a board member for Walk AS One, a support group leader for Spondylitis Association of America, As…

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Nicole Rochester, MD (Your GPS Doc)

I am a pediatrician who was blessed to be a caregiver for my dad from 2010-2013. Experiencing the healthcare…

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Jen Schwartz is the medicated mommy who picked up the debris left by postpartum depression and anxiety…

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Margo Schenkus Advocating for People with Disabilities

My passion is advocating for people with disabilities. Educating others and making a positive impact…

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Victoria Necole

The Founder of The Confessions of a Lady, COL#imperfectlyperfect a non-profit organization that speaks…

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Nikki Reeves

ICCE, ICBD, PMH-C childbirth educator, birth doula, maternal mental health survivor and expert

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