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The #BCSM Community has take the medium of a tweetchat and grown it into an international community of patients, healthcare providers, advocates and caregivers touched by breast cancer. They have created a strong community, and provided great educational resources. Their commitment to support and advocacy is unparalled. Their model has inspired several other communities.  — Ann

Alicia Staley is the founder of #BCSM, an online community that uses twitter to bring together women fighting/surviving/thriving breast cancer. She is a three-time cancer survivor and a fierce advocate for patient empowerment and consumer engagement. She is also a veteran consumer in Aligning Forces for Quality's work to cement consumers into health care reform. I'm wowed by all that she has done and continues to do. Alicia is a health activist hero.  — Cody

Too many reasons to list here as Alicia is The Definition of a Health Activist Hero. She co-founded the #bcsm chat and community and continues to lead it with intelligence, compassion, humor, kindness and extreme passion and dedication  — Liza

Alicia has co-led #bcsm chat since its beginning, a group that brought together breast cancer patients to advocate and support one another. She works across all areas to improve cancer care - whether it is with advocacy groups, conferences, companies, hospitals, policy or more. in short, she is incarnation of Indian goddess with 10 arms!  — Sangeeta

The #BCSM Community

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