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Back in 1985, I crashed my bike and woke up with a three-inch scalp scar and a concussion. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that moment changed my life – and marked the onset of migraine attacks that would continue for decades. First episodic, then chronic, now episodic again. After several misdiagnoses, I finally met a headache specialist who correctly diagnosed me with migraine, and began treating me. I’ve spent thousands of dollars seeing 18 different types of headache specialists and cure purveyors from Chicago to Beijing to LA to Dallas to Atlanta to New York and beyond in search of the elusive fix. I’ve been to the hospital for migraine emergencies and treatment more than 77 times. That includes 8 agonizing yet enlightening days at an in-patient headache clinic. Out of desperation, I’ve tried some pretty wacky treatments, like stinky Chinese herbs and an NTI device that looked like rabbit teeth. (So romantic to insert at bedtime!). I’ve wasted so much money on futile “cures.” We even had four miscarriages due to unknown migraine drug interactions. At my lowest point, I endured migraines 25 out of 30 days of the month. I now experience 1/10th of the attacks at 200% less severity. That’s worth celebrating! Now I’m so grateful for the relief that I want to help others — investing our own money and time to build this online community. My husband, who has suffered alongside me, also invests his time, talent and money as a tech executive to help build our community and our website. Migraine Again doesn’t offer false cure-alls, just help and hope to cope with whatever migraine hurls at you. Migraine has stolen a decade worth of days in my life. As our community has grown, I’m grateful for the honor of representing patient interests through the American Headache Society, American Migraine Foundation, European Headache Alliance, Migraine Research Foundation and Migraine World Summit. We’re stronger together – keep up the fight!


Irvine, CA


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Paula has lost nearly a decade worth of days to Migraine pain. She's leveraging that pain to help others suffer less and live more. Since launching her website earlier this year, she's reaching ~100K people monthly in 45 countries. She researches, writes and produces original content, interviewing experts, sharing unbiased insights and hope.

As an extraordinary Health Activist and ‘unbiased’ advocate on Migraine healthcare, Paula Dumas’ effort to raise awareness and reach over 100,000 people (migraineurs and their care community) in a short 10 month period is unprecedented! As a 30+ yr sufferer, she walks the talk, shares relevant resources and chooses to donate to migraine research.  — Yvonne

Paula is the founder of Migraine Again, one of the largest dedicated websites in the world for migraine. She is also co-host of the Migraine World Summit. An event that gathers almost 100,000 attendees each year to learn from the leaders in migraine. She works tirelessly to educate, respond to & support patients without seeking any recognition.  — MigrainePal

Paula knows migraines and genuinely cares about helping others find answers. She has created a website that is well designed and full of content that is applicable with easy to use links that direct you to relevant medical and scientific data. The site builds a network encouraging communication with tips and treatment to assist other sufferers.  — lyn

Migraine Again is an engaging community that fosters an environment where people who know the pain of migraines can connect. The design of the site is full of information, photographs, and comments that are helpful and encouraging. You quickly feel as if you are a part of a bigger community of caring people collaborating to share health guidance.

Paula K. Dumas - Migraine Again, Migraine World Summit & The Daily Migraine

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