Rick Carrillo

Patient Leader

I am the TV Producer/Director for Salud America!, an online platform funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, aimed at curbing the Latino Childhood Obesity Epidemic. I'm lead developer for Salud America! animated videos, and the Salud Heroes docu-series, which focuses on individuals making healthy changes in their community via: Healthier School Snacks, Better Foods in the Neighborhood, Active Play, Active Space, Healthier Marketing, and Sugary Drinks.


Best in Show: Youtube


Best in Show: YouTube

Rick Carrillo is lead producer/director for the Salud Heroes videos, which showcase awe-inspiring stories of people who have created healthy changes to reduce obesity among Latino kids across the U.S. These videos are the lifeblood of the Salud America! Growing Healthy change online platform meant to motivate people on how to make healthy change.

Rick Carrillo

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