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When I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus in 1996, I knew I wasn't going to let Lupus take over my life, and that I would have to find a way to do something positive and constructive while spreading awareness of Lupus. Moving to Facebook has given me an opportunity to meet people from all over the world who are trying to spread awareness, and an opportunity to share information with people currently living in places where information about lupus is not readily available. It also allows me to offer support to those who need it and hopefully give people a voice, offer encouragement , and let them know they are not alone, Yes living with Lupus IS a challenge, but it's not impossible.


Best in Show: Facebook

Positively Lupus Living is a reliable place for information about Lupus, buts its also a place to find out about Life with Lupus, Lupus in the news, Lupus issues, lupus treatments, health related issues, chronic illness, autoimmune conditions in conjunction with Lupus; Tools to better cope with lupus and Chronic illness.  — Pamela


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