Remigiusz Raitza

Patient Leader

Dear Reader, at first I would like to thank you very much for your interest. What a surprise on this Canada Day 2017. This year I have been nominated for the fifth time and I would like to thank all supporters for this special honour. A small share in knowledge exchange can put a smile on the faces of an affected family and give hope. Be part of it! Thank you very much. Stay healthy and may God bless you! With best regards, Remigiusz Raitza.


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Best in Show: Google+

With this nomination I would like to thank Mr Raitza for his helpfulness and inspiration. His kind and hilarious contributions help many people. Mr Raitza convinces with his expertise and natural appearance. Me and my family would like to thank Mr Raitza for being a wonderful health activist.  — Diana

This funny health activist really always knows how to make me smile - when needed. I would like to thank Remigiusz for his important work and impressive knowledge. He truly is an angel!  — Jennifer

Dr. Raitza gave us hope for the future. It's just this simple! Me and my family would like to thank Dr. Raitza for his help and patience. He always has the right advice at the right time. One can make some sense of the explanations.  — Heike

The online project of Dr. Raitza "ReR - MEdToday!" covers all areas of child and youth welfare. You can follow interesting insights into health-related news and current science. It's all about children.  — Heike

Remigiusz Raitza

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