Carlos V

Patient Leader

I’m a Raw-Foodist, ordained reverend, researcher, activist, artist and a veteran. I am currently writing a book on how to heal with raw whole food nutrition. This knowledge has helped many to heal from any deadly disease, illness or malady. I run a health and wellness page on Facebook where I use humor to expose and bring about awareness of the dangers from the contaminated and polluted processes foods, water, vaccinations and Chemtrails. I’ve protested at Bilderberg with a bullhorn blaring truth to power at Chantily VA. I’m fighting all the time for the lives of people that are on the brink of disaster due to disease! I am also working towards a campaign for public office.

Past Awards Participation

Fourth Annual Health Activist Awards


Hilarious Health Activist

Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


Hilarious Patient Leader
Carlos V

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