Dr. Arya Sharma

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Arya M. Sharma, Professor and Chair in Obesity Research and Management at the University of Alberta, is widely recognised as a preeminent global thought leader and voice in obesity prevention and management. In 2005, he spearheaded the launch of the Canadian Obesity Network, which, with 10,000 members, has remarkably transformed the landscape of obesity research and management in Canada. He is also Past-President of the Canadian Association of Bariatric Physicians and Surgeons and a sought-after speaker, consultant and advisor for a wide range of government and private sector organisations. Dr. Sharma has authored or co-authored over 350 scientific articles and has lectured in more than 40 countries on obesity and related health problems. Dr. Sharma is regularly featured as a medical expert in national and international TV and print media and maintains a widely-read blog, where he regularly posts his ideas and thoughts on obesity prevention and management: http://www.drsharma.ca.


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Dr. Arya M. Sharma, MD/PhD, FRCPC is Professor of Medicine & Chair in Obesity Research and Management at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. He is also Scientific Director of the Canadian Obesity Network. Dr. Sharma's Obesity Notes is a blog visited by hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world. Dr. Sharma’s blog translates research into easy to understand, brief and powerful messages about obesity prevention and management. His blog is a major contributor to reducing weight bias because it busts obesity myths, informs with credibility, and shows all sides of the problem. Through his blog, Dr. Sharma reaches researchers, policy makers, health professionals, industry organizations and patients.  — Ximena

Dr. Arya Sharma

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