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I have an attitude about MS. I speak to it as it deserves: I tell it FUMS every day. And I encourage my community to do the same. My podcast provides information, inspiration, and motivation for living our best lives with MS – all with an attitude. I'm able to ask the questions of my guests that we all share as patients. I'm so lucky to be in a position to not only get these answers - but to share them with my community. We learn, grow, survive and thrive together. That’s what it’s all about – helping each other. And – having a little attitude about it!! ;) #FUMS


Chesapeake, VA


Best in Show: Podcast

Kathy is a tireless and energetic person working to aid those with MS and their allies, like me, to understand the disease, to live a full life with MS and to understand and advocate in support of science’s (both traditional and non-traditional) progress to find a cure. She is OUTSTANDING in using technology to communicate with the community.  — Mitch

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Third Annual Health Activist Awards


Hilarious Health Activist

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