Dr. Michael J. Cooney

Patient Leader

For many chronic pain sufferers, medications and invasive therapies do not lessen pain. Then what? I introduced Calmare scrambler therapy in 2011 as an alternative therapy to treat our patients' medication and treatment-resistant chronic nerve pain. To our surprise, we soon began treating people battling neuropathic pain from around the U.S., and then as far away as Australia, South Africa, the UK, Canada and western Europe. Today we specialize in the treatment of CRPS, but Calmare is also successful combating chronic nerve pain as a result of: * Chemotherapy (CIPN) * Diabetic nerve pain * Fbromyalgia * Post-surgical pain * Shingles (PHN) * Failed back surgery syndrome


Health Activist Hero Patient Leader Hero

Dr. Cooney is extremely involved in the chronic pain community online. His innovative Calmare Therapy practice is changing lives by ending the suffering of those living a lifetime in pain, but his heart for those in pain stretches beyond his patients and into the lives of people he will never meet or even discuss his therapy with. He just cares.

Dr. Michael J. Cooney

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