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Now, Nucleus Medical Media, Inc. is an award-winning creator of health literacy medical illustrations, medical animations, and interactive multimedia both in the U.S. and worldwide. Nucleus's medical images and animations are seen by millions of people each month on YouTube,, and thousands of other locations on the Internet, in print, and in broadcasting. Cofounded in 1996 by Ronald L. Collins and Keith A. Pavlik, Nucleus employs a team of 32 talented professionals, including medical illustrators, animators, programmers, designers, salespeople, administrative staff and project managers. Collins and Pavlik began Nucleus Medical Media when they noticed a gap in the medical animation market. Nucleus is the largest single site employer of graduate degreed medically trained animators, illustrators and medical writers in the world. Our staff has been educated at renowned and prestigious institutions such as the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the Medical College of Georgia, the University of Toronto, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Best in Show: YouTube Best Kept Secret Healthcare Collaborator: Company

Their YouTube channel is innovative, interesting, and spreads health literacy in multiple languages--with new videos all the time.

Nucleus Medical Media

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