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The Center for Endometriosis Care (CEC) is a world-class center of expertise in endometriosis, founded three decades ago by endo pioneer Robert B. Albee, Jr., MD. The CEC is led by internationally renowned expert surgeon, Ken Sinervo, MD. Dr Sinervo and leading surgeon Dr Jeff Arrington and the CEC team treat patients from around the globe through compassionate surgical expertise and integrative, multidisciplinary care. The CEC also conducts meaningful endometriosis research and hosts an advanced FMIGs endometriosis surgery training program. The Center continues to strongly advocate for timely diagnosis, better support of and access to quality treatment for all individuals living with the disease, improved standards of care, and robust policy changes through a number of collaborative initiatives and endeavors.


Atlanta, GA


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The CEC is the Health Activist Hero because of their caring attitude towards women who deal with endometriosis. They not only treat the endo they treat every patient with kindness. They are also willing to work with women from all different financial backgrounds.  — Cassie

Heather Guidone has turned her story of a 25 year battle with endometriosis that included more than 29 surgeries into a hope and triumph for all 190 million women who suffer from the debilitating condition of endometriosis. She helped to found the Endometriosis Research Center, a leading advocate group for women, she spearheaded the Endometriosis Foundation of America and she travels the world lecturing and educating women on behalf of the Center for Endometriosis Care. She thinks first of the women who suffer from the disease. Many are unable to function, hold jobs, participate in social activities or have children. It is a disease that effects so many and has an average diagnostic delay of 8-10 years. Heather's work to bring awareness and drive the scientific community to find a cure has changed every life she has come in contact with. She spends hours upon hours finding the newest studies and lectures to educate her public on Facebook and Twitter. She is a shoulder to cry on for hundreds if not thousands.  — Sallie

The most genuine, passionate group of people who work diligently to support and provide help to each and every woman who suffers from this disease - which they come in contact with. Each person on their team contribute in such a way that their collective sum that represents what the best 'teamwork' can achieve, greater than any 'one' person.

The Center For Endometriosis Care completely changed my life. Their expertise in endometriosis and adenomyosis saved my existence. Prior to finding the CEC, I was nearly bedridden and spent my days in a great deal of chronic pain. Now, I'm back on my feet, and advocating for others with my conditions. Forever grateful to these awesome advocates!  — Rebecca

This center has forever changed my life. I became a patient there in 2010 and they have educated and empowered me on my conditions. Prior to becoming a patient of one of their physicians, I was bedridden and this is thankfully no longer the case after the doctor performed life changing surgery. I am eternally grateful to them for their care.  — Rebecca

Heather is the epitome of Health Activist Hero in so many ways. Heather educates, advocates, supports, defends and dedicates her life to women suffering from Endometriosis. Heather's life is centered around educating doctors, surgeons and health care professionals about the devastating consequences misinformation has attributed to the average diagnosis time of over 15 YEARS for the millions of women who suffer this disease in silence. Heather is active on a daily basis in support groups helping to educate women about the destructive nature of this disease and she provides resources for proper treatment, information about how patients are mislead by the uninformed doctors who conduct repeated failed surgeries on patients and prescribe harmful drugs that do not cure this disease as a treatment. Heather's crusade for patients and doctors is endless and she deserves to be recognized for the hero she is for her efforts reach far beyond her "network" to women she will never even meet around the world.  — Colleen

The sum of their parts (each individual) far exceeds the total sum anticipated when you have the opportunity to interact with this group of professions. The passion, dedication and communication is streamlined with the purpose - to be there FOR their clients through the journey with this disease.

Center for Endometriosis Care

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