Improving Birth

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Shockingly, nine in ten women who give birth in in the USA receive outdated, non-science-based care that increases, rather than decreases, the risks of harm to her and her baby. Dawn Thompson founded to advocate for evidence-based, respectful care in childbirth. The nonprofit’s mission resonated for thousands of individuals across the country as a place to amplify each other’s voices in an annual Labor Day Rally to Improve Birth. In just two years,’s “bottom-up advocacy” and laser focus on earned media has pushed maternity care issues to the forefront of national conversation.


Best in Show: Community or Forum Health Activist Hero Best Team Performance Best in Show: Facebook has been connecting mothers all over the world and providing them with the resources and courage to request evidence-based maternity care according to their wishes. Their annual "Rally to Improve Birth" and their campaigns like #breakthesilence and #whatgoodcarelookslike encourage care providers to maintain or improve care.  — Jessie

Improving Birth is a national non-profit working to raise awareness about the current crisis in maternity care. The community of advocates for Improving Birth is a place where all mothers are respected and shown support and compassion in the face of some really tough discussions. IB is the number one place for expectant families to find information

Dawn Thompson has started a grassroots advocacy organization which has impacted women and families across America as well as outside of the states. Her organization, holds an international rally every year to bring awareness to the need for safe, respectful, evidence-based maternity care. Dawn changes lives!!  — Amy

Improving Birth

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