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Ashley Levinson's advocacy includes online campaigns #Heart4PCOS and #LemonFaceChallenge which have run over the past three years and engaged thousands online. She has a background in healthcare as an orthopaedic surgical first assist and certified medical assistant and has served as a PCOS Program coordinator for Drexel PCOS Center and volunteer, executive director and advisor to many PCOS, Chronic Illness and Women's Health Organizations. She has and continues to advance awareness through social media campaigns, articles, podcasts and blog posts and has made multiple appearances on television ncluding Discovery Health's Mystery Diagnosis. Glamour Magazine and Womand World Magazine to advance education about the syndrome. Recently Ashley joined PCOS Challenge in Washinton DC to lobby for legislation to bring more funding and awareness to PCOS and has founded an online pcos petition which has gained over 26.5K signatures aimed at Tge National Institues of Health to invest more than 0.1% of government spending into more research, education and outreach for PCOS.


Mantua, NJ


Health Activist Hero


Best in Show: Twitter

Ashley continues to push the envelope by creating campaigns to engage the PCOS community, public, media and health organizations to create better resources, more funding and education for the syndrome This year's campaign is The #LemonFaceChallenge on all #socialmedia platforms  — Ashley

She's packed full of info, has been on tv shows and is constantly working towards getting the 4 letters PCOS into main stream America. She co-started #lemonfacechallenge for #pcos. I'm impressed by her and proud to call her a friend and Cyster  — Carmen

Ashleys lemonfacechallenge drew me in a little over a year ago. Prior to this challenge i knew nothing about PCOS. After participating in the challenge in the hopes of spreading awareness i found out my daughter and her fiancee BOTH have PCOS. Thanks to her i already understood the illness when they were diagnosed.  — Jim

She's awesome and a great advocate for an often overlooked health issue that affects women.  — Selena

Ashley has been advocating for PCOS for many years, she goes above and beyond even while she is out sick herself. You will see her tweeting from hospital rooms etc. She also steps for other health issues and retweets important messages from other advocates in other fields, such as me. She is a top notch individual.  — Jim

I have recently befriended her on social media due to us both sharing an unfortunate disease called PCOS. following her on social media I love how raw and informational she is to others around her regarding PCOS. She is a beautiful advocate that seems to work very hard to make sure to bring MUCH NEEDED awareness to the nasty disease!  — Angella

When you think of advocacy and activism pioneers, especially in the PCOS community, Ashley aka Pcosgurl is synonymous with everything a leader is: from blazing the way by appearing on tv discussing PCOS to spending over 2 decades advocating for herself, her community and her daughter— she is a shining example for all who follow her lead  — Shelby

she deserves it  — mike

Ashley is an exemplary example of a fierce, brave advocate. She is an educated, kind, positive role model for women and girls in the PCOS community. I have looked up to her and her work for years, and am proud to have her as a face of cysters everywhere.  — Shelby

Ashley has worked hard to advocate for PCOS for decades. Without her, so many of us would still be floundering trying to figure out what's happening with us.  — Amanda

I nominate Ashley because she shares & informs others what PCOS really is, what it causes, and everything about it. In addition, she participates in PCOS awareness activities and has even exposed her story on television in the past. She does this and so much more in an effort help other "cysters" and educate their family members & even doctors.  — Jocelyne

Ashley is a woman who has literally dedicated the majority of the last 18 years innovating, educating and advocating for PCOS Awareness... Her favorite quote change begins with me is evident in the countless campaigns, events and seminars she has taken part in and created with one goal and one goal bnb only.. to make PCOS a health priority!


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