Patient Leader

Ashley has advocated for the PCOS Community since 2000 . Her voice has been far reaching including radio, tv and print. She has also dedicated time to the community through actively participating with multiple PCOS and health organizations to advance education and awareness for PCOS. Ashley continues to advocate for PCOS through #socialmedia and awareness events Awards and notables: Founder, #LemonFaceChallenge Founder, #TealEggsforPCOS Founder, #Heart4PCOS 2002 PCOSA Directors Award 2004 10! Show Philadelphia 2006 Discovery Health Channel - Mystery Diagnosis 2007 top 10 Finalist in Glamour Magazine Woman of the year 2016 Ricardo Azziz PCOS Challenge Leadership Award


Mantua, NJ


Health Activist Hero Best Kept Secret Patient Leader Hero Lifetime Achievement Rookie of The Year


Health Activist Hero

Ashley continues to push the envelope by creating campaigns to engage the PCOS community, public, media and health organizations to create better resources, more funding and education for the syndrome This year's campaign is The #LemonFaceChallenge on all #socialmedia platforms  — Ashley

She's packed full of info, has been on tv shows and is constantly working towards getting the 4 letters PCOS into main stream America. She co-started #lemonfacechallenge for #pcos. I'm impressed by her and proud to call her a friend and Cyster  — Carmen

Ashleys lemonfacechallenge drew me in a little over a year ago. Prior to this challenge i knew nothing about PCOS. After participating in the challenge in the hopes of spreading awareness i found out my daughter and her fiancee BOTH have PCOS. Thanks to her i already understood the illness when they were diagnosed.  — Jim

She's awesome and a great advocate for an often overlooked health issue that affects women.  — Selena

she deserves it  — mike


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