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After a haphazard diagnosis of autoimmune disease, from a so-so doctor who barely improved my fatigue and brain fog, I did not want anyone else to feel as alone as an autoimmune mom as I did. I started the website AutoimmuneMom.com and the AutoimmuneMom.com Facebook page to be an open, welcoming community where moms could get answers and support, and not feel judged about how they chose to pursue the path back to health, whether alternative or traditional. Although there more than 80 autoimmune diseases affecting women in many different ways, we all share the most important similarities: we are moms living the best life we can, for ourselves and for our families!


Austin, TX


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This blog achieves a balance between two important facets of autoimmune: (1) storytelling posts shining a light on life as an autoimmune mom, written by autoimmune moms themselves, and (2) doctor/nutritionist/medical expert posts interpreting autoimmune research and related macro topics (diet, microbiome) important to autoimmune onset + treatment.  — Katie

Katie Cleary - AutoimmuneMom.com

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