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I have had severe Lupus and multiple other autoimmune disorders for over 20 years. It has led to me becoming disabled and leaving my career as a nurse practitioner, which I loved. I have always been passionate about advocacy for chronic illness-this was a large part of my practice as an NP. I also started and ran a local support group. Lupus and Me provides a space for camaraderie, support, validation, and accurate information. I advocate by using a variety of electronic means. It is very important to me to provide a spark of hope, and a hand in compassion to others suffering in silence, so they may know they have a voice and are no longer alone, teaching resilience along the way.


Best Kept Secret Health Activist Hero Best in Show: Facebook


Best in Show: Facebook

Not only does the lupus and me FB page offer support , it's a place where fellow Lupus Warriors can interact and get answers from others who understand the struggles we face daily with this disease... or just vent if we need to.  — Monika

Jenn is a great inspiration to many people with Lupus and other auto immune disorders. When I started having Lupus system I searched out someplace where I could read and learn about my condition. The found the web site created by Jenn and I was no longer alone in my world of pain and despair.  — Gloria

She is inspirational! An, she brings many together and helps them with what they are growing through and helps others bond and help one another. She is absolutely amazing, this lady Jenn is!  — Tracey


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