Racquel Dozier

Patient Leader

I am very active in educating others about Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, commonly known as Lupus. I am the Founder and President of Lupus In Color a support group that provides assistance and encouragement to lupus warriors. I am also the author of Butterflies of HOPE, a book of encouragement to lupus warriors. It is important to me to help others with lupus and other autoimmune diseases to make sure they are educated, inspired, encouraged and empowered. I feel those for things assists warriors in beating their chronic illness day to day.


Richmond, VA


Lifetime Achievement Award Best in Show: Facebook Lifetime Achievement Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Instagram

I nominate Racquel Dozier for the "Lifetime Achievement Award" for her consistent and relentless spiritual and physical battle against the dreaded decease Lupus. Rocky (a.k.a Hope) and her tireless effort to bring awareness, information, and reassurance has blessed thousands of sufferers of this often-debilitating decease.  — Brian

I am pleased to say that I have known Racquet all my life. She has been such a wonderful role model and has brought so much awareness to many about Lupus including myself. Her words encourage me, her motivation inspires me and her drive to teach awareness is amazing.

Lupis in Color has helped me to understand things my mom was going through with her Lupus. Then I was recently diagnosed with Lupus. The inspirational words shared on the facebook page keeps me encouraged on a daily basis as I now learn to cope with having Lupus. It really helped that I was able to contact Raquel to ask questions about my symptoms.  — Natiya

She is always inspiring me with strength throughout my battle with lupus. Racquel is a warm, friendly and caring woman 🦋💜  — Dee

Great Facebook community educational, inspirational, encouraging and empowering.  — Racquel

Lupus Advocate since 2004 helping first on facebook then other social media outlets. Has been a good inspiration since.  — Racquel

A great active lupus advocacy site. Tells a story and inspires others.  — Racquel

My mother has been a champion in changing the way way people look at their fight with lupus. She Educates, Inspires, Encourages and Empowers others to see lupus with a positive lens and it makes my heart smile. She fights her own battle with lupus with grace and humility and I'm so proud of her.  — Derrick J.

Racquel uses her personal Facebook page and manages four other Facebook pages to advocate and inspire. Her Lupus in Color page educates and empowers Lupus warriors and gives a realistic view of what it is like to live with lupus. This is done in a way that encourages and inspires without being diminishing. I proudly nominate her for the WEGO award.  — Rachel

Racquel runs Lupus In Color a support group that has helped so many online and locally. Her facebook page is a plethora of encouragement and assistance to lupus warriors worldwide. She works hard through her own personal battles with lupus and is a supportive force without complaint. She is a great person and lupus encourager and advocate.  — Derrick

Racquel Dozier

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