Irshads Ansari

Patient Leader


Best Kept Secret

Muhammad Irshad Ansari who lives in Karachi, Pakistan was diagnosed with a form of Periodic Paralysis several years ago. Since that time, he has chosen to bring awareness of Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis to Pakistan and the world. He has developed a website with information about the condition for people in Pakistan and others who speak Urdu. He also has found the doctors in Pakistan who are knowledgeable of Periodic Paralysis and he searches the hospitals there for people who also have Periodic Paralysis to offer them help and education about this condition. He has helped in this same way on a global level, putting patients together with doctors in another country who know how to diagnose and treat it. He does this in a quiet manner, seeking no glory for himself. I believe he is the "best kept secret" in the world of Periodic Paralysis in Pakistan and around the world.  — Periodic

Irshads Ansari

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