Patient Leader

I am a mother of 3 amazing children, 2 of whom are Autistic. I was raised that change starts with a single person standing up and speaking up, which is what I do. I present workshops, and write articles about many aspects of Autism; from how to inform others in positive ways about a loved one being Autistic, to creating sensory areas, how massage benefits those with Autism, and many other aspects of Autism. But above all else I try to help the world see Autistic persons as the amazing individuals they are. That having a child diagnosed with ASD isn't something to mourn, but that the child themselves needs to be celebrated for all they can do, for all they can contribute to the world, and all that they are, exactly as they are.


Advocating for Another

Following Dawn and her family's journey through PDD-NOS and ASD with two of her amazing sons, while homeschooling AND raising three other children...I've not only learned about Autism and related concepts, but have been able to put my new knowledge to use with my OWN five children, and daycare children, at our local park. I can tell them how to approach children, listen and talk in ways the child feels most comfortable, and to read their cues. Dawn is an inspiration to me and my family, but nothing could heighten my respect more to her most gentle soul than her local fight against a not-so-nice "neighbour" and her children's lemonade stand this past summer, which made headlines. She is the epitome of " beautiful inside and out."  — Brynn


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