Erin B. Fromkes

Patient Leader

As a mixed media artist and “spoonie”, creating art is my way to bring ‘invisible illness’ to the forefront. Using my condition as subject matter and material, I adorn personal items with pills, fabricate wearable art pieces out of healthcare supplies and decorate my medical equipment to give them an edge. Each piece is a celebration of ABILITY! In a contemporary style that blends painting and collage on canvas, I document my life. Symbols, texts and imagery that I include, seek to illustrate underexposed moments and experiences within illness. Every like and share of my health related work on social media helps raise public awareness for Lyme Disease and CFS/ME.


West Palm Beach, FL


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Erin is always education the public on CFS and Lyme disease through her amazing art. She is truly a hero, giving others hope by spreading the word.  — Meg

She shares her passion for art and her struggle against chronic illness with her fans and friends on social media . She spreads awareness for cfs and lyme and chronic illness in general . She shows other " spoonies " that it's ok not to hide the fact that you're sick . And to keep pushing through no matters what .  — Kristina

Erin B. Fromkes

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