Dr. Randall Oates

Patient Leader


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Dr Oates is a pioneer in EHR/EMR. He has the best interest of the patient and the provider at heart. He is focused on the relationship between the two, while helping the provider meet the expectation of government guidelines without the frustration of extensive data entry. He is well versed in the "Triple Aim" theory and is extending it, with his software, to "Triple Aim Plus One". He is definitely one to share his wealth of information and knowledge!  — Teresa

Dr. Oates has dedicated his life to better serve patients and continues to steer his company along with subscribing customers and community ahead of the curve for improving the quality of care.  — Josh

Dr. Oates is a tireless activist promoting information that benefits health care consumers and providers. I admire his daily efforts to be a health care leader in our community (Northwest Arkansas), state (Arkansas) and nation.  — LaDonna

Dr Oates has made a huge difference in the field of health care, and continues to strive to make health care better, faster, and more centered on patients.  — Sandra

Dr. Oates has his finger on the pulse of the healthcare industry. Not only is he a Doctor, he is CEO of one of the leading EMR providers in the country!

Randall is always striving to do all that he can to enhance patient care  — Terry

Dr. Oates is a pioneer in bringing the health industry into the information age. His knowledge and experience run deep and his positive visionary attitude is infectious.  — Mike

Randall tirelessly fights for better healthcare for patients and a better way of life for physicians.

Dr Oates is always up to date on the most current events in Health Care. Not only does he understand the market, and where it is going, he relates it in a manner that is understandable. He is always teaching, and making sure you know how things effect you.  — Danielle

He deserves this award! He works extremely hard ALL the time! He treats others the way he wants to be treated which is with the utmost respect. He definitely goes out of his way to make a difference everyday!  — Kesha

Great resource on the ever-changing landscape of healthcare.  — Andrew

Dr. Randall Oates

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