Gustavo San Martin

Patient Leader


Guarulhos, 27


Best in Show: Facebook Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero


Patient Leader Hero


Best in Show: Facebook

We believe that information is the best treatment, so being the largest Brazilian association of digital platform for people with MS, enforces the real reason why we are what we are: multiple friends fighting together for a better and more equal world. We make friends in a blink of an eye, and if you need us, you can be sure: we'll be there! :)  — Ana Maria

He is my brother, but I'm happy to share him with more than 25.000 people who need information about multiple sclerosis. He devoted his life to create a plataform to share information and hope for patients who lives with MS. He is an example for those who want hope after a hard diagnosis.  — Pamella

Going beyond to help one another  — Yuri

A influência desse lider paciente tem realmente o impacto de fazer a diferença.  — simone

Gustavo San Martin

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