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Denise is always working to assist people in living their best life through nutrition awareness, yoga & joy. She is a spirit of love and spreads her good energy influencing the lives of so many! I am so privileged to know her, and to work along side her at The Clarity Centre!  — Vanessa

Denise's yoga videos and her health, nutrition and lifestyle videos are informative, comprehensive and inspiring -- and her clear and lively presentation makes them fun to watch. She has designed a practical and effective approach to healthy living that appeals to a wide range of people.  — Susan

She is a beautiful person who is always willing to help and support and give advice to her community and her place of wellness. She is always wanting to make people smile and be happy and healthy. Always giving tips and advice in living life better!  — Elena

Denise is an inspiration to everyone around her. She is a true leader, a joy to be in her presence  — Linda

Denise is a Wellness & Lifestyle Expert training thousands of people around the globe on yoga, healthy eating, wellness and so much more. Host & Producer of her own TV show, published author, educator & Lifestyle ambassador Visit her at  — Fay

Denise consistently & constantly finds new healthy approaches to everything in her life & wants others to follow suit. She is 100% positive, with her incredible personal garden, giving tips as well as a focus on healthier eating with her awe inspiring cookbook. Her yoga teaching practices and her daily motivation & inspiring techniques to get people on board - are all the reasons why she is a true Health Activist Hero. I assure you, noone deserves this award more than Denise for all that she gives back to the community & those who have the opportunity to learn healthier habits to enrich their own lives. Not only on a physical level with yoga & healthy eating, her positive attitude is contagious! She reiterates that there is nothing that you cannot do, forces you to look at all of your possibilities, empower yourself & want to continuously do so. Denise is a vibrant, inspiring and a truly passionate about health (body and mind) hero and she truly encompasses the title Health Activist Hero!  — Fiona

Denise Pala is an amazing inspiration to anyone looking for a positive change in their own lives!! Denise actively speaks of positive changes, healthy alternatives and wellness! I am happy to call her a healthy hero of mine!  — Crystal

Denise is a force for good in the world. She is always positive and always focusses on helping people. She is an advanced yoga teacher trainer and teaches yoga as well. She has a very big following and delivers a message of positivity and health from nutrition mind and exercise every day. Denise lives what she teaches and goes out of her way to help and inspire.  — Joseph


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