Patient Leader

More than 35 years ago, I was diagnosed with Lupus, I strive to thrive by sharing that "Lupus Awareness is fun and important." Whether I'm meeting with a Congressperson on Capitol Hill or participating in a healthcare chat on Twitter, patient advocacy and sharing patient stories through the International Pain Foundation or retweeting the Lupus Research Alliance or answering an email from a newly diagnosed patient. I have my passion for healthcare activism and "living with flair" with my healthcare community.


Culver City, CA


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Amanda is a rockstar on Twitter where she is a Co-Host/Producer at #LupusChat executing multiple chats each month. She excels at raising awareness for Lupus and chronic pain posting daily with messages that connect with others and raise awareness. Amanda uses twitter for advocacy and makes a difference in the lives of patients worldwide.  — Barby

She's very informative, compassionate, I find her down-to-earth and sincere. I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago and there's still so much I'm learning. I find her blog and Tweets informative and enlightening.  — Kimberly

Amanda's passion and warmth has widespread influence and impact, providing support, information and friendship. Amanda is a true warrior for lupus, chronic illness and health care. Twitter gives her the source to share.  — Steven


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