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Patient Leader

Amanda Greene became a healthcare activist after living with Lupus (and other autoimmune conditions: fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis plus chronic pain) for over three decades. Her struggles taught her advocate how to advocate for herself; now she supports and advocates for others. As a Patient Leader, Amanda encourages other people to become your own best advocate and start by sharing their story to impact and inspire healthcare organizations to collaborate with patient communities. Amanda is known for sharing her personal healthcare experience wherever she is - whether on stage (as a keynote speaker or panelist), writing a guest post for a national healthcare organization or online. Amanda believes that "sharing is caring" her passion has taken her to advocate in Washington, D.C., to speak at conferences in New York City, New Orleans, Boston, Chicago San Diego and Las Vegas where honestly opens up and about her patient experience, Amanda's enthusiasm for partnerships and collaboration is working toward improving the patient journey her dedication. Amanda is passionate and is currently serving on the International Pain Foundation's 2019 iPain Summit planning committee and will be speaking on two panels at The Summit this Fall one on “The importance of the endocannabinoid system and how CBD impacts people living with chronic pain” and Amanda will be leading the panel on patient experience.” She is the current "Face of Osteoarthritis" for the International Pain Foundation. Amanda was recognized by the Lupus Research Alliance as one of five "Lupus Luminaries" this Spring. In 2018: Amanda was the first winner of the WEGO Health Award for “Healthcare Collaborator: Patient” and soon after was recognized by the International Pain Foundation as 2018's Patient Advocacy Hero. These honors serve to inspire Amanda as her passion grows she is determined to take the next step and level up her work. There is no cure for her conditions, she manages to thrive while she strives to maintain her health. Amanda proudly smiles and shares that she thrives with flair while finding a way to avoid a flare, that is not easy but when Amanda realized that her voice and story could create an impact, her vision became clear. Now Amanda is working on ways to engage the healthcare community to collaborate with Patient Leaders to create empathy and connection.


Los Angeles, CA


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Best in Show: Twitter


Healthcare Collaborator: Patient

Amanda Greene is a leader because she never stops work to share her story online, at conferences and in articles. As a patient who seeks to make a difference for others by sharing her story and how she has overcome healthcare challenges along the way.  — Barby

Amanda is a rockstar on Twitter where she is a Co-Host/Producer at #LupusChat executing multiple chats each month. She excels at raising awareness for Lupus and chronic pain posting daily with messages that connect with others and raise awareness. Amanda uses twitter for advocacy and makes a difference in the lives of patients worldwide.  — Barby

She's very informative, compassionate, I find her down-to-earth and sincere. I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago and there's still so much I'm learning. I find her blog and Tweets informative and enlightening.  — Kimberly

Amanda's passion and warmth has widespread influence and impact, providing support, information and friendship. Amanda is a true warrior for lupus, chronic illness and health care. Twitter gives her the source to share.  — Steven

Amanda is a shining example of amazing advocacy and willingness to give others a voice. She should be celebrated with recognition!  — Barby

Amanda Greene is an incredible Healthcare Collaborator. Amanda shares her story online, on stage at conferences and in guest posts for healthcare companies. As a patient who seeks to make a difference for others, she understands that in order to impact the healthcare system you must work with the companies and organizations that are a part of it.  — Steven

Amanda is a Patient Leader who recognizes the importance of collaboration and working together. This year, she will has traveled to Capitol Hill as a representative of the Lupus community. She is currently serving on the planning committee for the 2019 International Pain Summit where she will also be acting as a moderator of a panel on alternative treatments for chronic pain and then she will be sharing her patient journey during a solo session. Amanda has been working with nonprofit organizations, innovating researchers and labs, as well as serving as a Patient Advisor for a pharmaceutical company. The importance of having "patients included" is vital to improving healthcare.  — Amanda

Amanda Greene ~ LA Lupus Lady

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