SFC(R) Keith A. Collins

Patient Leader

I am a Retired Army Veteran of more than 28yrs of service. I was an Active Duty soldier in 2006, when my wife, who is my SHERO, found out she had Breast Cancer after receiving her first ever Mammogram in life. I and my family were devastated and I felt really bad because I said I would protect her, but I couldn't from BC. During her treatment, I started a support group for her to meet other women who were battling or had battled this terrible disease. After three months, we had a total of 120 participants. After six months, we more than 600. Today, that support group is called Families Who Support Breast Cancer Survivors, Inc. We have a support group/fan page that totals over 14000!

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Fourth Annual Health Activist Awards


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Fifth Annual Health Activist Awards


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Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


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SFC(R) Keith A. Collins

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