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I've dealt with severe plaque psoriasis for over 20 years, an autoimmune disease that affects the skin causing raised, inflamed, patches on the body. This disease has affected every aspect of my life. in 2011 I wrote "My Suicide Letter" in a psoriasis support group. The letter wasn't about actually killing myself but killing parts of me so I can truly live, this was the very beginning of my psoriasis advocacy. Since then I have dedicated my life to those with psoriasis & chronic diseases. My purpose is simple: I want to change the hearts of people by creating compassion and empathy among people the least understood though being transparent with my own life, advocacy, and dermatology.


College park, GA


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Alisha Bridges is a game changer and innovator who uses social media - particularly Twitter (@NPFAlisha) and her blog- beingmeinmyownskin.com-to empower others living with psoriasis (the most common autoimmune disease in the U.S.) and psoriatic arthritis. Alisha used to be ashamed of her condition and like many people with psoriasis, she refused to talk about. Now, she changes lives every day through her blog, encouraging people to speak out for themselves, get involved and get the help/support they need. The tagline of Alisha's blog says it all - Conquer psoriasis. Don't suffer from it! And Alisha is doing just that. Through her blog, she posts about her own trials and tribulations with treating her psoriasis and learning to accept herself. She also features different"Psoriasis Psuperhero" stories, where she interviews other being conquering psoriasis and spread their story on her blog. She even gave a Being Me in My Own Skin scholarship to a college student living with psoriasis.  — Noe

When I was suffering with psoriasis and it was new to me and my body, Alisha's blog is what pulled me through. She's been a friend and a sister ever since and she spreads that same love throughout her community via online and in person.  — Brittany

Alisha's writing and support is fun but realistic. She helps kids and adults - whether it's by being a camp counselor at camp dermadillo, or telling our adult peers what it's like to live with psoriasis. She tells it like it is, educates many, all while seemingly never taking life too seriously.

Alisha Bridges is very important in the psoriasis and psoriatic community. She is very compassionate about our diseased state. She is one of the best advocates we got. I'm honored to know her.  — Todd


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