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I've dealt with severe plaque psoriasis for over 20 years, an autoimmune disease that affects the skin causing raised, inflamed, patches on the body. This disease has affected every aspect of my life. in 2011 I wrote "My Suicide Letter" in a psoriasis support group. The letter wasn't about actually killing myself but killing parts of me so I can truly live, this was the very beginning of my psoriasis advocacy. Since then I have dedicated my life to those with psoriasis & chronic diseases. My purpose is simple: I want to change the hearts of people by creating compassion and empathy among people the least understood though being transparent with my own life, advocacy, and dermatology.


College park, GA


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I first met Alisha at HealtheVoices '18. Immediately, I was drawn to her storytelling nature, incredible sense of style, and AMAZING sense of humor. Alisha isn't only fantastic as a patient activist, but also as an inspiration and hope for all of us living with chronic illness to find the good/silly/etc. in daily life. <3  — Kenzie

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