Holly Bertone, CNHP, PMP

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Holly Bertone, CNHP, PMP, is a #1 Amazon.com bestselling author of the book Thriving in the Workplace with Autoimmune Disease: Know Your Rights, Resolve Conflict, and Reduce Stress. She is a highly sought-after speaker and wellness expert. After spending over 20 years as a Project Manager in both government and industry, she is now the President and CEO of Pink Fortitude, LLC and runs the health and wellness website pinkfortitude.com. Holly is a breast cancer and Hashimoto’s survivor and turned these two significant health challenges into a passion to help others. She inspires others with her quick wit, brutal honesty, and simple ways to be healthy in real life. In her free time, she loves to garden, and hit flea markets and yard sales. Holly is married to a retired Green Beret, is a stepmother, and lives in Alexandria, Virginia.


Alexandria, VA


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I formed Pink Fortitude, LLC and my web/blog Coconut Head's Survival Guide to provide inspiration to fellow cancer survivors and all women. I also promote social media campaigns for early detection for breast cancer, targeting the 20-30 year-olds. I have also written three books in the last year to help other survivors.  — Holly

Holly Bertone, CNHP, PMP, is an author, blogger, healthy living advocate, and breast cancer and Hashimoto’s survivor. She is the President and CEO of Pink Fortitude, LLC. Holly is a Certified Natural Health Professional and is enrolled in a Naturopathic Doctorate program.  — Holly

Holly Bertone, CNHP, PMP

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