Patient Leader

Terri was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2002. Her triplets were 2 years old at the time. As a single mother for 12 years, Terri was given many opportunities to learn about life and become a strong and courageous person. As someone with the experience of owning 4 successful businesses, she is driven and never gives up. One of Terri's top core values is Health; not just personal health, but health of family, community and the world. Terri's blog is a snapshot of her everyday, personal experiences with Fibromyalgia and the numerous other illnesses she manages. Terri believes that sharing personal stories can inspire, encourage and activate others to make changes or try new things. Terri sees and writes about the gifts that chronic illness has brought to her. Her perception of challenges is uplifting, raw and authentic.


Rookie of the Year

Her blog is amazing, informative and, most importantly, inspirational.  — Julie


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