Melissa (13 Going on Crazy)

Patient Leader

I am the blogger and voice behind the blog, 13 Going on Crazy. A little back story on my blog, as a way to stay not only motivated, but inspired and healthy I decided to set a major goal for myself, to run 13 half marathons in 13 months, 13.1 Going on Crazy as I like to call it. To detail and track my progress I decided to set up a blog discussing the trials and tribulations of my runs. After completing this challenge I joke and say that I went from crazy to goofy as I have recently completed my first Goofy Race and a Half Challenge. The Goofy Race and a Half Challenge is a half marathon and a marathon in a two day period. Being a runner a with both Crohn's and Celiac Disease I know the importance of constantly having a positive and support system. One of my biggest healthy living accomplishment’s not allowing either disease to dictate my life. Every run that I complete is a victory and I need to accept myself for who am and what I am capable of. In life you need to pull yourself up by the bootstraps or in my case my running shoe laces and keep on going and that is exactly what I do.

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Third Annual Health Activist Awards


Health Activist Hero Best in Show: Blog Advocating for Another
Melissa (13 Going on Crazy)

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