Melissa (13 Going on Crazy)

Patient Leader


Health Activist Hero Best in Show: Blog Advocating for Another

Melissa has been a great friend to me in the IBD community & throughout both of our recent medical setbacks, she has been there to pick me up when times have gotten tough. Like Melissa, my blog is about training for & running half-marathons while struggling with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.... our bond was immediate. She has been so kind, encouraging & will be working with me on a project to send out packages to others who are suffering with the illnesses we both have. Melissa's blog, instagram & Facebook provide a resource and outlet for people to be encouraged by when they read what she has accomplished even through the hardest times. Yet, through this all, Melissa remains optimistic and advocates for not just herself, but others. I'm glad our IBD community has had the opportunity to read that Crohn's & Colitis can't hold us back.  — Kelly

Melissa (13 Going on Crazy)

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