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Ilana Jacqueline is a
 best-selling author, marketing consultant and professional patient advocate based out of Boca Raton, Florida. She is the voice behind the award-winning blog,
 Let’s Feel Better and the self-help book Surviving and Thriving with an Invisible Chronic Illness. She served as the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Today’s Teen Online, managing the entirely telecommuting staff of 80 writers. She ran her own public relations company, About Time PR from 2010-2016 helping small businesses, TV personalities and athletes to jumpstart their careers with mainstream media mentions. As a rare and chronic disease patient and advocate she served as the Managing
 Editor for Global Gene’s The RARE Daily for 
five years. She groomed, motivated, and managed a large team of bloggers and wrote in-depth features and interviews. She then became the Manager of Patient Advocacy at FDNA. During her time there, she developed the Genomics Collaborative program, which provided a way for patients, advocacy groups, doctors, researchers, labs and other biotechnology companies to utilize the company’s unique technology to further disease understanding. She currently sits on the boards of the Health Advocacy Summit, RUN (Rare and Undiagnosed Network) and IDA (Invisible Disabilities Association) to help continue her mission to generate awareness and support for those with chronic invisible diseases. She has a regular column in the health magazine IG Living and has a long history of freelance writing. Some publications she has worked with include The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, CrowdMed, AOL, xoJane, xoVain, Everyday Health, WEGO Health, Patient Worthy,, Mashable,, The Boca Raton Observer, Boca Raton Magazine, Boca Delray Life, The Palm Beach Post, The Sun-Sentinel, The Miami Herald, Palm Beach Illustrated, The Happy Herald, Materniteens, and Lemondrop. Ilana speaks at medical, patient, and pharmaceutical conferences as well as consults with companies on how the patient voice can improve the design of healthcare. She is always looking for her next big adventure.


Boca Raton, FL


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Best Kept Secret Patient Leader Hero

In the face of severe health adversity that I encounter in every single student I teach throughout the day, I take time to read and get a shot of HAPPY! HYSTERICAL!  — Banetta

Ilana's instagram stories are relatable, heartfelt, and simultaneously hilarious. As of late, she's been a go-to influencer for brands that claim to help patients with chronic pain/fatigue/and more. Her reviews of their products are honest and helpful. But if its crap, she shows no mercy. She's consistently been helpful to patients and caregiver.  — Sammy

Ilana is truly inspiring! She's better than Starbucks in the morning!!  — Andrea

Ilana's blog is inspiring. She takes what is essentially a really hopeless situation for people with incurable disease and makes it a relatable laugh for people going through it.  — Sammy

Ilana talks the way REAL people talk. You feel like you are sitting next to her reading her blog because she isn't trying to be proper or formal, she's being real.  — Julie

She is an inspiration. She makes me laugh. She has great info  — Carri

Ilana takes her personal struggles, makes you hear her voice, sometimes makes you laugh, but always makes you listen and understand an experience that is rare and uncommon.  — Luisa

Ilana is an inspiration in the face of challenges...and does it with humor! Thats the kind of person I want to be!  — Dawn

I love this blog and the writer's voice! Ilana's blog puts a rainbow and sunshine into my otherwise dreary life. :)  — Katie

Her blog helps me put life into perspective and stay positive. Laughter is the best medicine.  — Robby

She's amazing and since I met when I was 11-she's always made me laugh! Everytime I go on her blog I feel inspired, hopeful, and all around more cheerful! And I know she does the same for others! How could she not deserve this award?  — Jade

Her site is not only routinely informative, it is hilarious, sardonic, witty, clever and real.  — Susan

I knew Illana's writings were going to be hilarious when I first saw her blog title: "Let's Feel Better - Dragging Dysautonomia Through My 20s One Bitchy, Blunt & Belligerent Blog Post at a Time." Illana posts are informative as well as funny - just what chronic illness community needs!

She is inspirational, quirky, funny and above all informative. Just the sort of writing to engage her young audience.  — Professor Ursula

Ilanas sharp sense of humor and honesty about bodily functions, work and relationships makes dealing with a chronic disease a lot more tolerable.  — carri


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